Bobby Hugging Stanley Cup - 16 x 20

Item #B4032
This 16 x 20" photo shows how excited Bobby was to win another Stanley Cup. And in Bobby's usual fashion he scored the winning goal of that series as well as in 1970

Limited Edition - 144

PRICE: $395.00 USD


Item #B8100
This is Bobby as a rookie in 1966 wearing #27 in his first exhibition game.

PRICE: $250.00 USD

Passing The Leaf Forchecker

Item #B8101
This is an 8” x 10” action photo taken of Bobby playing against the Leafs in 1972.

PRICE: $250.00 USD

The Charge

Item #B8102
8” x 10” photo of Bobby charging up the ice.

PRICE: $250.00 USD

All Star

Item #B8103
This is just one of the many times Bobby was an All-Star.

PRICE: $250.00 USD

On The Move

Item #B8104
This action shot of Bobby was his first year as Assistant Captain.

PRICE: $275.00 USD

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